Originally, I started out cooking thin slices of steak along with shrimp, small sausages, and even roasting cheese. Most meals for my family and I have remained very much whole foods. They are easy and quick to prepare and work very well with the grill.The kids love that they can help cook their own and eat from the grill. I am constantly surprised by the ideas others come up with. The watermelon and pepper powder along with adding white wine to the cheese were suggestions and are now favorites of mine. The small cheese pans are in my mind a must have.

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Lunch and Dinner: There is usually a whole meat like chicken, steak, pork chops, and fish. Cut up fresh veggies like asparagus, squash, bell peppers, or any veggie you like. Fruit also makes a nice treat like pineapple, watermelon, and pear. Cheese like mozzarella or fondu in the small pans either by itself or mixed with something like white wine or sprite to thin the cheese is great. The small pans also work great for melting chocolate and dipping the fruit in.

Breakfast: Try making a german pancake or crepe mix and make smaller little egg based pancakes. Add in pie fruit or whole fruit pieces.  Serve with chocolate sauce or jam. I do not recommend cooking bacon or sausage because of the grease for fire and smoke reasons.