Single Burner Unit


The Single Burner Unit is designed to be installed in tile tables. They are designed to be stand alone units with everything needed to get started. These grills can later be used with the control panel in tables.



These versatile little units are the heart of the Generations product line. They are designed to run as a stand alone unit that can be added to a commercially available 12” removable tile or custom tables. They come standard with a quick connecting regulator and a bottle hanger. This is a perfect way to try the experience or add to a grill to a smaller table. These grills feature a highly efficient infrared burner. The burner will run for roughly 3 hours on a single bottle, giving you plenty of time to enjoy freshly cooked food. This grill is designed to last for years, with cleaning and maintenance made simple. The durable coating makes cleaning simple and easy. *Note, these units are not designed to be installed in boats or RVs.


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