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  • Weather testing the table grill. Love that we will have water this summer, but ready for longer and warmer days. #isitsummeryet #koreanbbq #tablegrill #socialgrilling #utah
  • Can you find us? Recent searches reported for the term “Korean BBQ Table Grill” are almost staggering. One site reported more than 250,000 searches recently. To have the top 4 out of 10 products in this category on Amazon is fun. Our Amazon sales were a split last year with Wayfair for online sales. New products coming this year.  2019 here we come! #traditionslife #koreanbbq #yakiniku #amazon #fiveyearsinthemaking
  • It is not a matter of how, it really is about who you celebrate with. Not so much what you want, rather what you have. It’s #traditions that create those common bonds and lasting memories. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday and has time to reflect on the things that they are thankful for. #thanksgiving #socialgrilling #traditionslife #koreanbbq #family #qualitytime @winwithamy @saltcitygarage
  • Created another custom this week. The customer purchased 2 tables for each of their homes near the San Diego area. This time they wanted 4 burners to install in there custom built tables. We installed it in our table as shown. They also wanted to be able to still use an umbrella in the center. It also was converted to natural gas. #traditionslife #koreanbbq #backyardgoals #infraredgrill #socialgrilling #sandiego
  • Thank you to all who served!! #veteransday #veterans

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